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Freedom Party of Canada to be Registered!

The Freedom Party of Canada is now preparing to apply for registration under Canada's Elections Act, and to run candidates in future elections. Disappointments and anger concerning the Conservative government, and the utter disarray of Canada's other political parties have led to considerable interest in Freedom Party. Contributions are up, and potential candidates are inquiring into the possibility of running on a Freedom Party ticket in the next federal election. So the time is right to register Freedom Party federally.

Here is your opportunity to make Freedom Party Canada's newest registered political party. Just print the "Declaration of a Member of the Party" form, fill it out fully, sign it, and mail it to Freedom Party headquarters: 240 Commissioners Road West, London, Ontario, CANADA N6J 1Y1. Note: you do not have to submit a membership fee to sign the Declaration.

Advantages of registering the party with Elections Canada include:

  • FPC candidates will have their party affiliation written on the ballot;

  • contributions to Freedom Party of Canada will be tax creditable: when you give money to Freedom Party of Canada, you will pay less income tax.

New Website and Election Platform Under Development

Other exciting changes are accompanying the decision to register. This website will be getting a face-lift. It will be possible to make online contributions using PayPal or your credit card, and we will be making full use of social networking sites, including YouTube.com, Facebook.com and Twitter.com.

And, of course: Freedom Party will be issuing a new platform for the 2015 election. Have an idea or opinion about what should be in the platform? Why not send a brief description of it to Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever via e-mail?

Stay tuned. Together with your assistance, good things are happening.